Midday Digest: Cops Defend Doughnuts, Pedro’s Paints, Queens Rocks, Pol Squawks


At THEE RANT, the boys and girls in blue react to the recent cops-doing-doughnuts-in-Shore-Road-Park story. “She [the complainant] seems like the typical clueless Brooklyn lib who would get mugged, tuned up and discarded by some street urchin,” remarks 37blue, “and then wring her hands when the perp. turns up in cuffs with a scratch on his face five minutes later (true story).” “Ah, I did stupid sh*t like just like and worse this back in the 80’s,” says kopinyc. “Just be careful no one gets you on video,” warns JJTsux.

Pedro’s, the only place in DUMBO where a man can feel comfortable in unfashionable clothing, has a lovely new mural on the facing wall, notes McBrooklyn.

In Denver, the New York Observer reveals that New York First Lady Michelle Paige Paterson called reporters who had asked, when her husband ascended to the Governorship, if she would quit her job “a little bit out of touch… If I was the one serving as governor, nobody would be asking David he would quit his job.” Ms. Paterson was speaking to the New York Democratic delegation at breakfast in the Sheraton Hotel, at which event Charlie Rangel told reporters, “term limits suck,” but added, “this would be a hell of a time” to put the issue to a referendum — in the negative sense, we assume.

Brooklyn Vegan learns that something called the Queensbridge Theatre will open in Long Island City in October. Its founder, Rob Prichard, used to run Surf Reality on the Lower East Side.