Middle of the Night: Powderly Update, Marty Unltd., Etc.


James Powderly et alia are back from Chinese detention, and claim rough treatment in custody, including threats against themselves and their families, the third degree, sleep and water deprivation, and the theft of thousands of dollars worth of video equipment, reports the New York Sun. They had been picked up for planning a protest, and were released Sunday.

Some local pols have come out against a suspected plan to end term limits. Not Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz. ““The fact is that we already have term limits: It’s a system called elections,” Markowitz told the New York Times, which did not remind Markowitz that, actually, we have a system called term limits, too.

“Possible shark sighting, Rockaway Beach,” reports Gothamist. NY1 has details.

Young mother January Hagan saw some cops “doing doughnuts” in a patrol car in Shore Road Park, per the New York Daily News. She said that when he husband remonstrated, “the driver puffed away on a large cigar and sped off.” The News suspects the episode was inspired by the film Superbad.

The Manhattan D.A. says Zalman Silber of Monsey, New York maintained a medical office on Park Avenue, where he performed gynecological examinations on several Orthodox Jewish women. But he wasn’t licensed to do so, and the women didn’t know that, so Silber has been indicted for sexual abuse, reports amNY. (MidHudson News says that Silber had a partner, Andrew Dale of Suffern, also charged.)

Mets’ pitching woes continue: John Maine goes on the DL. Meanwhile Mike Pelfrey goes another complete game — the first consecutive CGs from a Met starter in 13 years — in a 9-1 win against Houston.

The upcoming series with the Red Sox is “do or die time for the Yankees,” amNY gamely reports.