Weiner TV Incomprehensible, Fun, 1:50


We know what’s been missing from our Convention coverage — Weiner TV! The future Mayor’s office promises us a series of “streaming ‘Weiner Webisodes’ where he will offer real-time updates from around the Democratic National Convention.”

Here is the first installment — one minute and fifty seconds of cutting-edge, incomprehensible cellular broadcast video, beginning with Weiner giving the camera, or cameraman, the quasi-Jon Stewart look you see here.

First an agitated Weiner tells us “the air here is a little bit light, so we’ll all breathe a little bit heavier,” then he says “the excitement is starting to build — this is one of the many places where the meetings go on between the meetings and happen after the meetings.”

He mentions that two of his meetings were with Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer and Mayor Unintelligible of somewhere else, and says that after talking with those rubes, “you realize how very big New York City is — we have more kids in our school system each year than the entire city of Albany has in its entire [unintelligible].”

He anticipates tonight’s Hillary speech and the “healing” it will bring, then muses, “It’s weird, most street corner (?) people are saying the same thing — that is, we wonder why Hillary Clinton and her supporters haven’t been straight (?) a little more, and you talk to the Barack Obama supporters, and they say, I wonder why the Hillary Clinton supporters haven’t come closer to us.”

Weiner predicted the week would end with “a great big hug and a wet kiss,” threatened to do another broadcast after the Hillary speech, and blamed technology for the debacle. We don’t want to miss an episode. WeinerTV may join Mike Gravel‘s late campaign ads as public relations that ascends to the realm of art.