“Ambassador Baby, Bucket of Cuddle, Confetti, Darling, Evie, Fixodent—these are good cat names,” says Joseph Keckler as he opens his solo show Cat Lady with “Cat Names,” a song he wrote listing—alphabetically—some good names for a cat. The bass-baritone androgyne graces us with his gorgeous voice on another felinistic number as well, though this one was created by his mom, the titular cat lady; it’s called “Cuddle Cats.” Mom figures prominently in Cat Lady and in Keckler’s newest experimental musical, Human Jukebox, which is named for his mom’s ability to remember any song. Together, under poetic direction by Elizabeth Gimbel, the two shows form a body of work that whimsically portrays the mother-figures in Keckler’s life, while daring to delve into dark places these women have seen, and that Keckler has seen himself. Think: David Sedaris meets Diamanda Galas.

Wed., Sept. 3, 8 p.m., 2008