This summer, as part of artist Mark Tribe’s Port Huron Project, performers across the country have been re-enacting the radical speeches delivered by legendary activists of the ’60s and ’70s in the same places they were heard nearly 40 years ago. For instance, in Los Angeles, it appeared that César Chávez had come back from the dead to inspire farm workers to fight for economic change, while in Oakland, a performer playing Angela Davis fired up a crowd with her 1969 speech on civil liberties and human rights in occupied nations. Today, at Port Huron Project 6: Let Another World Be Born, hear the speech given in 1967 by the late Stokely Carmichael at the Spring Mobilization to End the War in Vietnam, in which he called for civil-rights organizations to oppose war and genocide. And when he says, “There is a higher law than the law of the buffoon Lyndon Baines Johnson,” just think “George W. Bush” and it should feel as timely as ever.

Sat., Sept. 6, noon, 2008