The first Flickr shots of Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea are trickling in—and holy crap, this two-part Long Island City show is going to be awesome. On August 15, street-art doyenne Swoon sets sail down the East River with a gang of artist pals and their seven-ship flotilla of elaborately constructed vessels—think Huck Finn rafts, Flying Neutrinos riverboats, and the theme-park props from Pirates of the Caribbean. Tonight, after six stops from Troy to Nyack, the fleet docks at its final destination: an East River spot next to Deitch Studios, where playwright Lisa D’Amour will stage a nautically themed performance. Meanwhile, inside the gallery, Deitch hosts a full exhibition of Swoon’s most recent portraits. Confidential to paint-tossing villain the Splasher: Stay the fuck away!

Sun., Sept. 7, 6 p.m., 2008