La Bergamote’s Quiche Lorraine


In this week’s dining newsletter, Hailey Eber talked to La Bergamote‘s pastry chef, Stephane Willemin. La Bergamote just opened a new location in midtown at 515 West 52nd Street, where the menu has expanded—adding savory treats like salads and tartines to the pastries the bakery is known for at the Chelsea location. And since it’s almost fall-like outside, and you might not mind turning on your oven for the first time in months, why not mix up Willemin’s hearty quiche Lorraine at home?

Quiche Lorraine
Yield: 1 10-inch quiche

For the dough:
1 pound flour
8 ounces cold butter, diced
pinch of salt
4 ounces cold water
For the filling:
4 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
2 cups milk
2 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese
4 ounces bacon, diced

Prepare the dough: In a bowl, combine flour, butter and salt, using a fork or your hands to work the butter into the flour until a sandy consistency is reached, with tiny bits of butter distributed throughout the flour. Gently work in the water to form dough. Store in the refrigerator until chilled, or overnight. Roll out the dough, and place in 10-inch pie plate, pressing dough firmly along the sides of the pie plate. Using a fork, prick a few holes through the dough on the bottom of the plate. Freeze for one hour.

Meanwhile, In a bowl, beat the eggs with salt and pepper, and then stir in the milk and cream. Set aside. Preheat oven to 450. Remove pie plate from the freezer, lay parchment paper over the dough, and weigh it down with uncooked rice or uncooked dried beans. This will help keep the dough from rising and bubbling up while it cooks. Bake the dough for 12 to 15 minutes, until sides are beginning to brown. Remove pie shell from oven, and discard parchment paper and rice or beans. Bake pie shell an additional 3 to 4 minutes, and remove from oven. Reduce oven heat to 375.

In a frying pan, sauté the bacon, then strew it along the pie shell bottom. Add the egg and milk mixture, and scatter the Swiss cheese around the pie. Bake quiche in oven for 20 to 25 minutes, or until top is brown and mixture is set. Serve warm with a side salad.

Note: you can easily substitute spinach, broccoli, onions or leeks forthe bacon; pre-cook the vegetables a bit in hot water to soften them before adding to quiche mixture.