Tennessee’s Paramore are the best payoff we’ll probably ever get out of eyeliner/singing lessons/direct marketing devolution of 1990s emo; they’re also sort of saving the record industry right now, since last year’s sophomore effort Riot! went platinum enough times that the group can return to New York more than a year later still hawking the damn thing. That’s rare for any band these days, let alone a bunch of tween-punks who are callow enough to have been meaningfully influenced by Kelly Clarkson—not a bad thing, incidentally. Even the band’s brand of anguished internal drama—their orange-haired frontlady, Hayley Williams, can’t seem to keep the rest of her band from being Photoshopped out of magazine spreads—seems a kind of charming, retro throwback. Horny young consumers be damned: It’s 2008, and these guys are still about the music, man

Thu., Aug. 28, 4:30 p.m., 2008

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