Mixed News For Bikers, Bad News for PS-Employed Drivers


amNY‘s Urbanite got a note warning cyclists that cops are clipping locks and confiscating bikes near the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, site of the U.S. Open. It has something to do with a terrorist threat. We don’t know how many people bike to the Open, but the correspondent reports safer parking conditions “near the bike rentals trailer about 500 feet from the [Center’s] East Gate.”

But if you work for the City and want to park your bike near government buildings, no problem! The City is opening new “bike parking facilities” for municipal workers inside and near several government workplaces downtown, reports the New York Times.

City workers with cars have less good fortune. The City has generally cut the number of parking spaces available to them, and in a separate report, the Times says workers at New York schools, many of them long-distance commuters, are complaining about the decline in parking permits that give them access to designated spots. Bikes would presumably not be an option for employees of Crispus Attucks School in Bed-Stuy; its principal tells the Times, “There’s a lot of shootings around here,” and employees “take cars because of the chances they take walking through the neighborhood.”