Moby: Both Woodward and Bernstein


Sound of the City whippingboy and all around social butterfly Moby is blogging the Democratic Convention over at the Blender Blog. The insight, as you might expect, is powerful:

Should politics solely exist in a platonic, rarefied, patrician environment? Or should politics at times involve beer and bad hotel sex for government employees and lobbyists? Even the most noble and well-intentioned Democrats need to have bad, beer-fueled hotel sex every now and then, right?

Read on for disclosures of a more personal nature: angel dust, an impassioned defense of a special “petite blonde Democrat,” and a heartfelt review of Hillary’s speech. He also calls John McCain a “pimp,” and offers the trenchant observation that Hillary’s prime time outfit (described by Runnin’ Scared as a “luminescent orange pantsuit“) “looked like something a Japanese traffic cop would wear in a Beastie Boys video.” Has the man been more right about anything, ever?