Adele’s done great at home, but this young English retro-soul siren hasn’t attracted as many American ears as Duffy, who turned up over here at the same time with a more photogenic face and an album full of material sharper than that on Adele’s debut, 19. That said, she stands a good chance of building an audience on the road: Unlike Duffy, who honed her chops on the Welsh version of American Idol, Adele learned to play by doing it in front of a live audience the old-fashioned way. (Plus, she plays guitar, which always helps one look less awkward behind a microphone stand.) 19 isn’t without its highlights, either: “Chasing Pavements,” the album’s lead single, explodes into an exuberantly life-affirming chorus, while “Cold Shoulder” is a delightful bit of groove-machine soul-funk produced by Mark Ronson. Hopefully, she’s got more of that up her sleeve.

Wed., Sept. 3, 7 p.m., 2008