NYC RFD: Bad Cops, Larcenous Pol, and Filler


Irma Marquez sure looks like somebody beat the hell out of her, and a video shows Yonkers Officer Wayne Simoes slamming her to the ground face-first. But Simoes still plans to make a fight of it in his trial for violating Marquez’ civil rights, says the New York Post; his lawyer claims he didn’t intend to hurt her. Back when Simoes first fucked her up, his excuse was that he was “trying to keep the woman from interfering with emergency medical technicians.”

Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz’s office reveals that the Ikea in Red Hook will soon get a megastore neighbor: BJ’s Wholesale Club. A report from Racked suggests that Thor Equities, despoiler of Coney Island, is involved.

We were excited to see the Gothamist headline, “Manhattan Rents Going Down?!” but when we got to the New York Observer source, we found an incomprehensible doorman-coat graphic and breathless tales of $6,000 rents that have plummeted all the way down to $5,600. If you’re rich and wondering why everyone else is laughing: we hate you.

Gothamist gets a much better tip from a guy who says he was ejected from Yankee Stadium for going to the bathroom during “God Bless America,” and no, he wasn’t doing it in his seat: Brad Campeau-Laurion was heading to the gents’ when a uniformed police officer stopped him and told him he had to wait for the end of the song, which has been spoiling the 7th Inning Stretch at the Stadium since shortly after 9/11. When Campeau-Laurion said he didn’t care about “God Bless America,” the cop and his buddy physically restrained and ejected him, then went back into the Stadium and started telling people that Campeau-Laurion had said “this country sucks,” which is perhaps just how policemen naturally interpret all expressions of indifference toward patriotic kitsch.