New York



She may have a 34½-inch inseam, but the girl’s made of more than just legs. “I have a very expensive piece of paper that says I have an M.A. in Contemporary Art,” says burlesque artist Legs Malone. Curating the Legs Malone Show, a new monthly spot at Public Assembly, Legs will have a chance to flex her degree while bringing together a combo of performance artists, burlesque folks, downtown theater queens, and politically minded acts. Tonight, catch Harvest Moon, Erin Markey, RunAround Sue, and La JohnJoseph (in one of his final New York performances). Over the next few months, Legs promises an “interdisciplinary” roster of artists showing their work in a “critically charged, performative context.” That is to say, showing their titties.

Mon., Sept. 1, 10 p.m., 2008

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