The annual Coney Island Rockabilly Festival claims it’s going to host the biggest burlesque show in the history of Coney Island. Well, by the looks of the lineup, which includes a gazillion sexy dancers from all over (Australia, the UK, Hawaii) as well as New York’s very own Weirdee Girl, JZ Bich, and the Incredible Edible Akynos, they might be right. But that’s not all the four-day event will entail. Aside from bands like the Rockets’ Red Glare, Cocktail Shakers, Guitar Bomb, Big One Man Band, and dozens more, the festival also features sideshow performers and the 2008 Miss Pin Up Coney Island contest, hosted by Vincent Drambuie. So, apply that cherry-red lipstick, roll up the sleeves, and comb back the pompadour—this is the one day you’ll be forgiven for dressing like a greaser.

Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2008