Three summers ago, an agitated Mayor Bloomberg said Franz Aliquo needed “psychiatric help” for creating the James Bond–esque water-gun fight in Manhattan known as Street Wars. Aliquo, an equities lawyer who prefers to be called Supreme Commander, has traveled the world with this assassination-by-H2O event and, finally, is bringing it back to NYC, encouraging everyone to sign up and get soaked. After you register, you’ll be contacted to pick up a dossier in a secret location, which will include a photo and the name of your enemy, where he or she works and lives, and other relevant information. You’ll then be ready to wash out your opponents by the weapon of your choice: water gun, supersoaker, or water balloon. For three weeks, become a kid again as you disguise yourself, sneakily stalk your opponents, and avoid their hitmen. Get ready for a wetbed of conspiracy!

Fri., Aug. 29, 2008