WeinerTV Goes Straight-Up Surreal


The latest installment of WeinerTV — future Mayor Tony!’s groundbreaking series of surrealist videos from the Democratic Convention in Denver, which we introduced yesterday — seems to be some kind of absurdist comment on politics itself. It shows Hillary Clinton, viewed from far off to one side, speaking to some people in a ballroom lit by harsh fluorescent lights. The chant of “Hillary!” with which it begins is comprehensible, but the former First Lady’s words are electronically altered so that she sounds like a drunken grandmother recalling the days of her youth. Then we see the floor, some legs, and brief, cryptic glances of Weiner himself, shot from below. We are reminded of Feed, L’eclisse, and hidden-video segments from CW11’s “Help Me Howard.” If it doesn’t get Weiner elected, it might get him a retrospective at the Anthology Film Archives.