Drive Time Drop Box: Fresher Kills, The Yankee Pisser, and More


Having trouble understanding how Staten Island’s Fresh Kills, once a festering dump, is going to turn into a beautiful park by 2016? Popular Science magazine’s lively PopSci website offers a six-panel cartoon rundown. WARNING: Contains environmentalist propaganda.

Gothamist follows-up on that guy the cops threw out of Yankee Stadium for going to the men’s room during “God Bless America.” The New York ACLU says the cops’ action “violates Constitutional rights,” the Yankees say it’s a “police matter,” and the police say they actually threw Brad Campeau-Laurion out for being drunk and disorderly, which no one believes.

Governor Paterson said Obama could have “defused” the Hillary situation by paying a surprise visit to the New York delegation. reports the Sun. He also said he understood the “anxiety” some Clinton supporters felt about losing the nomination to Obama, but… actually, there were no buts. We take it Paterson is not going to play a prominent role in the Obama campaign.

The death earlier this month of a 65-year-old man Staten Island man was due to West Nile Virus, the New York City Health Department confirms. It’s the first confirmed fatal case of West Nile this year, reports the Sun.

The Times gets in on that feud between the contenders for the 13th CD GOP House nomination, Jim Wyne and Bob Straniere that we reported earlier. Not much new info, but Straniere does say that Wyne “has some kind of evil spirit on him these days.”