Jagger Apt. Suit Endangers Us All


A big month for Bianca Jagger, activist and former wife of Mick. First she lost a ring worth $308,000 in Salzburg. (The Guardian reports that “Under Austrian law, the finder of the jewellery is entitled to a reward of £10,000, around 5 per cent of its value.”) Now she’s trying to get back the rent-stabilized Park Avenue apartment from which she was evicted in October of last year. Jagger “argues that her long tenancy is proof that the apartment is her primary residence,” Politics on the Hudson reports for some reason, though an Appellate Court earlier found that Jagger also claims a “primary residence” in London. Now the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest, has agreed to hear Jagger’s case. Let’s hope this thing gets wrapped up before Tony Scalia and Clarence Thomas use it to ban rent stabilization entirely.