Obamarama: The Local Angle


Obama’s nomination and upcoming speech at INVESCO Field in Denver are such big news that even New Yorkers are noticing. Gowanus Lounge reproduces a couple of Obama wall images in Brooklyn. Williamsburg is Dead sends its readers to tonight’s “Baracktail Party” at Pete’s Candy Store: “bring your appetite for booze, panini sandwiches and, most importantly, hope.”

The Forward reports that “a leading Reform rabbi will deliver a prime-time invocation” at tonight’s event and “the Obama campaign is beefing up its Jewish outreach operation” with a senior staffer for Jewish affairs, and profiles several co-religionists on the Obama bus. Conversely, NYPD fans at THEE RANT are treated to “You don’t have to be a Jew to join Jews Against Obama.” dominop writes, “The Jews for Obama are a bunch of cool aid drinking Liberals who would vote for Hitler if he was running as a DemocRAT.”

The Staten Island Advance attends “members of the New York delegation here in the lobby area of the Sheraton” as they “erupted in cheers” at the Obama nomination, and gave each other high fives. Uptown Flavor says “Harlem ♥ Obama” and celebrates a local entrepreneur who is serving as a delegate in Denver.

The Queens Gazette prints a letter criticizing Obama’s energy policy, “an untenable program… he does not have the experience and good judgment to make sound decisions.” The correspondent, however, is from New Hampshire.

Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, meanwhile, barnstorms for John McCain, telling the Philadelphia Bulletin Obama “is just not ready to lead. Hillary Clinton said that during the campaign.”