Party Out of Bounds: Dumbo “Takeover” Angers Residents


Residents of 260 Water Street in Dumbo/Vinegar Hill are mad at Tracey Coleman, a non-resident whom they say held a spectacular, if short-lived, party in their building. Apparently Coleman announced to many, many friends that she was “doing a takeover” at 260 and warned them to be on time because the cops would probably shut it down fast.

That they did, reports Dumbo NYC, and small wonder: not only was the crowd alarmingly huge — 250+, a witness claims — but most of them were on the roof and “no one knows the building’s ability to hold that much weight on the roof.”

Also, the witness says, “People were everywhere in the building, knocking on doors, asking to use the bathroom,” and none of the partygoers cleaned up after themselves.

Coleman is apparently an ad agency web designer who either used to live in the building or went out with someone who did. The Dumbo NYC witness says that residents are considering legal action against her.