Midmorning Mashup: Yank/Rent/Bling/Bike/Shots


Via the LoHud Yankees Blog, we learn of No More A-Rod — The Movement Begins, a blog devoted to insulting and defenestrating the currently luckless Yankees third baseman. Posts compare Rodriguez to a defective copying machine (“‘Well sir, when you are getting the best, you must pay for the best. This copier is truly one of a kind’… Then one day, the company has a very important legal document that they need 1000 copies of in a matter of minutes…”) and ask if A-Rod really wants to make the playoffs (“He knows that he has issues dealing with high-pressure situations, and he has sought counseling to help with these issues…”).

Hey look, another article all excited about the big drop in Manhattan apartment prices. The New York Sun reports that a single unit at 80 John St was “recently sold for $590,000, much lower than the $720,000 selling price in January.” Another unit that was bought for $800,000 in 2006 is selling for $799,000. It’s a “phenomenon… virtually unheard of in the seemingly invincible New York City real estate market.” The Sun doesn’t mention rentals because, hey, who rents?

Before he wore the rings, he wore a badge: the “Bling Bandit” publicized in local news broadcasts for the flashy rings he wore in his heist, turns out to be an ex-NYPD detective, says Newsday. Athelson Kelson of Central Islip surrendered to cops in Queens last night.

BreakingNewsNY says the worker at Skyline Steel Corp in Brooklyn, earlier reported burned by an exploding piece a machinery, has merely been “hit” in the face and is not complaining of burns.

Motorcyclist hits a bus in Elm Park and is killed, says the Staten Island Advance.

Early this morning in Bushwick, cops found a man and a woman suffering from gunshot wounds. Shortly thereafter, they found a guy trying to get into a building on nearby Central Avenue. He had a Ruger 9mm, which the police requested he yield, but he responded with gunfire, which the police effectively returned. The man is in Brookdale Hospital, WNBC reports, in stable condition.