Sarah Palin New York Connection: Not So Much Really


We can only talk about John McCain’s Vice Presidential pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, if we can find some local angle, our boss says. Okay, how about this: AP reports that, when Sarah Palin came to the 2004 GOP Convention, she was “a wide-eyed delegate awed by the fast-paced environs in New York City.” She thinks we’re awesome! Also, New York and Alaska are both big states. And: a lot of New Yorkers live off Federal programs, and so does Alaska!

The first and only previous woman to run for Vice President on a major party ticket was New York’s Geraldine Ferraro, who lost 49 states and later said Obama was only popular because he’s black.

That’s all we have until we can look up her contributions from oil and gas companies.

(Oh yeah: this ought to get Hillary Clinton out full-force for Obama. Someone else one fibrillation away from First Woman President? Bitch, please!)