Still Hunting the Sarah Palin New York Connection


Sarah Palin’s relationship to New York, which we earlier failed to establish, so far turns out to be like her credentials for the Vice Presidency: extremely thin but worth a little desperate vamping on a slow news day. FoxNews took to the streets to get New Yorkers’ reactions. One respondent thought she’d help McCain: “She’s young, she’s from Alaska, she’s a woman.” Another thought not: “I think it’s just eye candy.” Deadline approached, visitors from Baton Rouge were inserted. But doesn’t this change the game, asked Fox? “I wish they wouldn’t attack each other,” said one mild-mannered fellow, who asked voters to seek the candidate whose “goodness resonates best with them.”

Rudolph Giuliani likes Palin better than Obama, he says, because “all he does” is talk, whereas Palin “had to make decisions.” Jezebel’s Moe Tkacik calls Palin “The Life-iest Pro-Life Candidate Who Ever Scared The Crap Out Of Me.” The New Yorker recycles some unused Palin interview notes.

The Right Side of New York thinks Palin “is likely to help in crushing Obama with the female voters.” Heather from newyorkshitty calls Palin a “token” and a “bimbo.” Gatemouth of Room Eight says the choice suggests McCain “believes that he is blessed with eternal life.” A Staten Island Advance reader writes that “If [Palin] can handle the PTA, she will do fine in Washington if she gets there.”

A related discussion at the official Mets forums is lively but inconclusive. Cops and cop fans at THEE RANT, however, unanimously approve Palin’s gun cred and fake photographs of Palin miniskirted and naked (“she is a hottie either way”).