Weekend Peek-In: Pre-Labor Day Summary


Joe My God had been promised a “Straight Pride Parade” today in Crown Heights. So, like a good reporter, he went this morning to check it out, and found only ordinary holiday weekend traffic and “a delicious pastry from Ken’s Jamaican Bakery. Who knows, maybe I blinked and missed a handful of haters marching up Church Avenue wearing Buju Banton t-shirts.”

Elsewhere on the culture-war front, the Staten Island Advance reports that the local mall’s Hallmark store now offers “same-sex marriage cards.”

First Jorgji Glekas started getting huge credit card bills for things she hadn’t bought. Then her landlord, Phivos Ioannou, asked her if she’d received any wrongly-addressed mail — presumably thinking of statements for thousands of dollars worth of card purchases and loans he’d been making in her name since last year. The Queens landlord has been booked for grand larceny and ID theft, reports the New York Daily News.

Brooklyn Heights residents have been have been complaining that the nearby art-waterfall has been damaging neighborhood trees. In response, the City cut the fall’s hours, WNBC reports.

After an earlier bust of a Brooklyn resident for open container on his own stoop, covered by Brownstoner, Gowanus Lounge received a dispatch from another citizen whose husband and two neighbors were caught in a similar raid and were “required to attend a ‘quality of life’ class” for their offense. The stoop gate in this case had been closed, suggesting a “castle doctrine” defense which the stoop-swiggers, unfortunately, do not seem to have invoked in court.

Salvatore and Evelyn Rovino were found shot dead in their bedroom at 86-11 75th Street in Queens, per 1010WINS. Neighbors say Mrs. Rovino had been seriously ill, and a murder-suicide is suspected.

The New York Post explores Rep. Charlie Rangel’s Punta Cana resort in the DR, on which the voluble Congressman has not disclosed income to Congress in a few years; Rangel told the Post there hasn’t been any, but the Post cleverly phoned Punta Cana for a reservation and was told that the room they had requested was “always booked solid” for the dates specified.

The New York Times bids a fond farewell to former wrestling star Killer Kowalski, who passed yesterday in Everett, Massachusetts at age 81. A tribute also appears at the NYPD hangout THEE RANT. “I used to go to the garden back in the 70s with my father on Monday nights,” says 19pct, “when they had wrestling there once a month. I saw a lot of good ‘fights’ there with Killer and Bruno, Haystacks, Chief Jay and the rest of those guys.” “Back in the day before they started faking it,” seconds krepke.