David Duchovny’s Latest X-Rated Files


Our hearts and genitals go out to David Duchovny for having the balls to face his sex addiction and enter rehab for it. (And who on earth would want to be poor Tea Leoni right now? I’d rather be an extra on Valkyrie.) David’s midlife crisis brings to mind the recent Page Six item about a certain married star whom everyone guessed was Duchovny—a man who was indiscreetly doing it with his female tennis coach! (I guess they scored 48-love). And I was just recently told that at a party a few days ago, hosts Duchovny and Leoni weirdly stayed in separate rooms and talked to their guests but not to each other–especially not in the universal language of love! I pray that rehab makes David magically crave a cup of hot Tea.

PS: I love all the Californication promo trucks riding around our fair city with Duchovny’s face accompanied by the tag line, “He’s in way too deep”! Talk about truth in advertising.

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