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I’m Voting for Dick Nixon


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February 3, 1960, Vol. V, No. 15

Why I Shall Vote For Richard Nixon

By Daniel J. Koren

I am for Nixon for precisely the reasons that most people are against him. I believe that because he has no ethic, because he is an opportunist, and has not taken a position on essential problems — or rather has taken divergent positions on all issues — he must be elected.

…Nixon is not committed to any ideas; therefore it will be easier for him to adopt programs that would be rejected on ethical grounds by other men. He is an opportunist, and thus will be ready to seize the advantage in relations with another great opportunist, Khruschchev – who because of his lack of principle has the most power to influence relations between the two great powers.

The most convincing argument for Nixon is that he doesn’t have any ideas. We can be sure that Nixon will not lead us on any great crusades to bring heaven to earth before the proper millenium. Therefore we can be sure to reap the benefits of the status quo. The greatest benefit is that we will be able to blame all our problems on a lack of leadership from Washington. I shudder to think what would happen if we elected a man with ideas and leadership qualities….

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