Lindsay’s Girlfriend Is Not a User!


Whenever a gay celebrity couple goes public, the media gnats whoosh out of the cupboard to say the relationship is corrupt, it’s imbalanced, it’s sickening, and it’s somehow way more twisted than Adam and Eve were. You’ll recall that Ian McKellen was crucified for dating a young guy (as if older straight men don’t go for chicken as a way of life) and Anne Heche was called a user and a loser and a cheater when she dated Ellen. This all stems, of course, from the press’s massive discomfort with seeing same-sex people actually have some fun together. The gossip media will do anything they can to break up the gays, not realizing they’re helping the rest of us by putting these people on the market again.

But in the case of Lindsay Lohan and her lover, Samantha Ronson, it’s Linds’s father Michael Lohan who’s saying the relationship is unholy! Talk about the pot calling the kettle unholy! Last week, the freak said he’d heard a rumor that Ronson was writing a tell-all (she’s not, but why let truth get in the way of a sound bite?) and as a result, he decided she was totally using his daughter. You know, the girl who gets extra security whenever dad’s within miles of her! The one he reaches out to via endless media posturings and whoring ops that make Jon Voight look functional! The one he’s tragically used and confused while pushing his puss (and his bible) into every camera on both coasts!

As you know, Samantha found this whole episode wildly ironic and sad and spoke out about it on MySpace. Even Lindsay responded to the whole mess via the same venue, also telling Access Hollywood, “I want him to stop hurting and talking to the media about the people I love.” Get that? There are two completely separate camps here—the people Lindsay loves and her father. Ouch. Parents, please: Leave the gays alone! Join PFLAG!

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