Meyer to Feed Mets Fans; Jeremiah Pushes for the Ice King


Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York mentions, with apparent disfavor, that restauranteur Danny Meyer will handle concessions (in association with cafeteria kings Aramark) for the Mets’ new Citi Field next year. Jeremiah approves Gothamist‘s suggestion that Benfaremo the Lemon Ice King of Corona, who has been dispensing his legendary ices since 1944, and other New York vendors of note be added to the menu. Runnin’ Scared adds our lonely voice to the chorus, and further suggests that Queens feeders, specifically, be given pride of place. Amore Pizza and Lenny’s Clam Bar should be considered, as well as the nearby cheap-food merchants who’ve served the Shea faithful well over the years. We know the new stadium’s supposed to be a high-class operation, but there’s no reason to encourage fans to pretend they’re on Restaurant Row. They’ll still able to hear the jets from LaGuardia, so they may as well have more pleasant reminders of where they’re at, too.


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