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NYC RFD: “Loud” Dems, ” “Homogeneous” Reps; Also, Death, Crime, Horses


Irene Jay Liu of Capitol Confidential compared the New York delegations of the Republican and Democratic Conventions: while the NY Dems were “raucous and loud, talking over even the biggest speakers,” she said, while the NY Republicans are “dressed in suits, significantly better behaved (clapping at the right times, not talking over the speakers), and over all a calmer, more homogeneous bunch.” Liu thinks the Republican torpor may be due to Hurricane Gustav, but we think they’re just terrified of what might come out of the Palin family next.

Speaking of politics, Long Island Republican Congressman Peter King was much in the news. He endorsed Bob Straniere for the Republican nomination in the 13th CD over Straniere’s opponent in the September 9 primary, Dr. Jamshad Wyne, and played up his party’s chances in the race, which others have found grim: “Once the primary’s over… and [Republicans] see how competitive that race is going to be,” he told the Staten Island Advance, “I think you’ll see the money coming in.” Then King and Straniere hastened to tell the New York Daily News that it wasn’t so bad that Sarah Palin’s daughter got knocked up.

Kevin Pravia, 19, got home very late from a party in Brooklyn Saturday night — actually, he didn’t even leave the party until 5:30 am, apparently intoxicated, according to witnesses. Nonetheless he called several friends afterwards. Later on Sunday he was found dead in his bed at 239 West 15th Street “with a sheet over his body and an electric cord wrapped around his neck,” says the New York Times, though a cause of death has not yet been determined (NY1 reported the cause as strangulation). Pravia’s cell phone and laptop are missing. He was about to start his sophomore year at Pace University.

Gothamist rounds up signs and portents that the former NYPD detective who became the “Bling Bandit” is disturbed and possibly suicidal. (Ward Harkavy had a less touchy-feely reaction to the Bandit at Press Clips last week.)

An update on that wedding horse-buggy crash described here yesterday: the Daily News says the two horses involved in the accident — whose names, we learn, are Stormy and Elvis — are on “sick leave” at a farm in Connecticut. The buggy’s owners hope they can make it up to the bride and groom, Eulalio Torres and Nunzie Luberto, who were to ride off into the sunset in the buggy but presumably got married anyway and could not be reached for comment.

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