Report: Condos Contribute to School Overcrowding


The Gotham Gazette points out something you may have noticed, especially if you’re a parent: while the City is experiencing a condo and high-end apartment boom, it builds very few new schools. As luxury tenants tend to breed, this leads to school overcrowding. For example, “PS 116 in Murray Hill recently hit 113 percent of capacity as new housing went up all around it,” says author James Trimarco; classes have been dropped and “some students eat lunch at 10:30 a.m.”

The City has taken to making deals with developers to build schools as part of luxury construction projects, when they can, but sometimes developers offer amounts of school space that don’t measure up to the expected future increase in students. Trimarco observes that developers “are not elected and don’t necessarily act out of public interest.”

Image adapted from a Fickr photo by woodleywonderworks under a Creative Commons license.


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