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A Red-Nose Affair


Clowns are just plain freaky, if you ask us—who the hell has ever recovered from that Poltergeist scene or Stephen King’s It?! Well, like ’em or not, they’re baaack at the Brick’s third annual New York Clown Theatre Festival. Expect to see an international lineup of class-act clowns in more than 20 hilarious stage productions, several cabaret performances, and—for all you Bozos-in-training—a slew of workshops and lectures that’ll help you polish your slapstick silliness. Everyone’s welcome at the Union Square kick-off; then you can put on your quirkiest costume and take the L train to Bedford Avenue along with all the other stilt-walkers and circus types for the infamous public pie fight at the Brick! (Don’t worry, red noses will be supplied if you don’t have one.) And after you wipe the Cool Whip from your face, be sure to check out the evening’s Clown Cabaret, a highlight of the festival lineup.

Fri., Sept. 5, 4:30 p.m., 2008

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