And That Little Boy Grew Up to Be George F. Will


Gawker got ahold of the “Guidelines for Interns” of the New York Sun, and from the looks of it the idea is to drive as many of the pledges as possible straight into rightwing thinktanks. Interns are asked to dress like characters from Mad Men, except on Sundays, when they may dress in “business casual.” Despite the dress code, Sun interns’ duties are humbling and numerous, and include “making or fetching coffee or food” and “neatening the office.” They can’t be out of cell phone contact for more than 30 minutes during the press run; subway travel is no excuse, so they presumably have to take buses back to Astoria and Bay Ridge. The Sun should have a care for unintended consequences: Things were like this back in the days of Charles Dana, we hear, and it led to a massive period of reaction is which all the young whelps dressed like Jimmy Breslin.


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