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Dep/Rep State Senator Praises Palin, “Traditional Values”


Democratic State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is getting deeper in with the Republican Party. As we reported in June, Diaz has been letting it be known that he might switch parties. He’s already running for both parties’ nominations in the primary, and apparently hopes to increase his bargaining power in the State Senate by pitching both sides for his affection.

Now the TimesCity Room blog tells us that Diaz is singing the praises of GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. “I feel even more strongly about her now than I did last week,” Senator Díaz said, adding that the pre-wed pregnancy of her daughter Bristol “shows that she is one of us. She understands exactly what all of us who are parents go through.”

Diaz also says “her views about abortion are exactly the same as mine… She has the values that this country needs: Traditional, family-oriented values.”

Asked if he would be supporting the McCain ticket in November, Diaz said, “I’m not going that far.”


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