Who Are The Nicest Celebs? (To Me, Anyway!)


As someone who regularly deals with bold-faced names in all their glitzy grandeur, I appreciate the celebrities who are gracious, charming, and slap you on the back, not with a restraining order. Through the years, I’ve brilliantly noted that some stars are way more savvy in dealing with press wretches like me than others. The best of these icons positively sparkle, going out of their way to be utterly delightful when they run into you, in some cases distracting you from the fact that they probably have a prison record and some body parts in the attic. Their behavior truly pays off. In being so nice to the press, they engender lots of good will—and now they’ve even gotten this blog post about which of them are the nicest of all:

Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s sunny, upbeat, and friendly, and always remembers your name and what you’ve done. A real pro, probably because she started out as a kid, singing “The sun’ll come out tomorrow.” It sure came out for her.

Julianne Moore. Another smooth handler. She’s outgoing and sweet and cares about the downtown kids. Never lets on that she’s a multi-award nominated superstar.

Patricia Clarkson. She’s not only super friendly, she’s a very bright bulb whose crackling mind lights up a room. Invite her to your next party!

Alec Baldwin. OK, he has issues and can be way out of line in certain situations—in fact, I’m terrified of him—but with press, he generally lays on the charm, and he has it to spare.

Rosie O’Donnell. Not at all the scary dyke the media likes to portray her as, Rosie actually has great people skills.

Donald Trump. Rosie’s nemesis, he can be quite suave and oozy in accomodating the media people he so adores. In fact, I actually feel he and Rosie will be BFFs someday. Maybe.

But on the other hand, the meanest mofo’ in town has got to be…No, sorry, that’ll have to be a separate post. I’m off to lunch with Julianne Moore right now, kiss kiss.

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