Michelle Obama on the Food Network


Paula Deen’s gonna fatten her right up.

Sarah Palin makes me want to throw my television out the window and start setting shit on fire. Luckily for my neighbors, an email from the Food Network arrived just in time to calm me down. Just gaze at the picture above, breathe into a paper bag and think of hot lard. See? All better now.

On Paula Deen’s Sept. 20th show (titled “Grease is the Word,” of course), Deen will help Michelle Obama get down with the people by teaching her how to fry.

I love Paula Deen…reluctantly. Her show isn’t so fantastic, but her voice is better than Valium. Just close your eyes and listen: “And now a halfa pounda butta….And some cream…And we’re gonna fry that up in hot laaard.” And if she’s helping Michelle Obama reach out to lovers of Southern fried food, all the better.

From the press release:

On Saturday September 20th at 7:00pm ET/PT, Michelle gives Paula a taste of her family life on the road to the White House and shares fun facts, including the first meal she made for Barack, what kinds of local foods the family seeks out on the road and that Barack makes a mean chili! And, with Paula showing her secrets for frying up some popular American comfort foods, this is one party viewers won’t want to miss!

And Barak makes a mean chili! You hear that red staters? What’s more American than making a mean chili?

I mean…besides American traditions like the high success rate of abstinence-only education, banning books from school libraries and mocking the silly notion of reading prisoners their rights. But chili is right up there!

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