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Midday Mashup: Wild Man, Falling Man, “Prancey,” and Pervs


At a Brooklynian Message Board, a citizen describes a “guy hanging out on Dean and Bergen between 4th and 5th” who stares into shop windows and has sworn at the correspondent, followed her husband, and snarled at her dog. Other posters also claim to have seen him, though not to have suffered his following, snarling, or swearing. The story is picked up by Gowanus Lounge, where a commenter says the suspect reminds him of the “Park Slope Crapper.” He may be thinking of the Boerum Hill Crapper, whom the Gowanus Lounge earlier covered.

At about 9:30 this morning a workman fell 48 stories to his death at West 41st Street and 11th Avenue, says the Times. Though reporter Sewell Chan filed less than an hour later, his dispatch includes statements from the Buildings, Fire, and Police Departments, and background on the property, developers, and recent, similar accidents. Four other reporters contributed to the story. WCBS says the workman, unidentified at this writing, was helping to dismantle a crane. A fellow workman told WCBS, “This happens. We live with that.”

Former State Senate majority leader Joe Bruno did Rudolph Giuliani one better: while the former Mayor merely called Barack Obama unqualified and a community organizer at a recent New York Republican Delegation event in the Twin Cities, Bruno called Obama “fancy, dancey,” and “prancey,” and compared him to disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer, says the New York Observer.

Holla Back New York, which normally details the street offenses of pervs against local women, today carries a report from Cairo: “I get harassed 100 times a day,” says Posy Abdou. “There was this guy who followed me and suddenly grabbed my bottom in front of everyone… I think men are doing this because they are jobless and have no manners.” More such accounts can be seen at this BBC page.

Image adapted from a Flick photo by wallyg under a Creative Commons license.


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