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The Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center, whose noble goal is to “promote literacy, leadership, social skills, intergenerational exchange, and job training and placement through film studies,” etc., maintains some useful services such as a listing of community organizations, and also a Fort Greene Info X-Change blog, with a “Neighborhood Sketches” page. This has only four profiles at present, but they’re very well written, and laudably diverse: a Dominican woman, an African-American man, a gay white man, and a white man of indeterminate gender preference — the sort of grouping you’d expect of film industry professionals. PR professionals, too: a New York Daily News story says of it today, “Blog helps bridge the gap between Fort Greene factions.” The article describes a meeting between two Sketch subjects held “a few days after the blog went on the Internet.” They watched A Christmas Story and had a good time. Who says newspapers don’t “get” blogs?


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