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Save the Village, 1869 Style


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February 17, 1960, Vol. V, No. 17

The More Things Stay the Same

“The Last of Greenwich Village.” These words were etched by the artist into a corner of the engraving on the right [reproduced on page 1 of the Voice]. The year was 1869. The Village and Villagers, ever embattled to preserve their off-beat tradition, last week, 91 years later, saw a somewhat more current tradition yield to the wrecking crew. Louis Tavern on Sheridan Square, along with its neighbors, the Circle In the Square and the old Cafe Roue, disappeared from the scene. At left [in a photograph by Fred McDarrah], bartender Joe “Red” Torri held lonely court, just before the demise, in what used to be — like last month — Greenwich Village’s most packed saloon.

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