Wisdom of Crowds: Letting SMS Cover The Stupid NFL Thing at Columbus Circle


We were thinking of going to that NFL thing this afternoon at Columbus Circle. Then we saw a tweet from @shemakeswar that said, “Damn NFL kickoff event has ruined the flow of traffic in Manhattan” — posted two hours before the event was to take place. Forget it, we figured; Columbus Circle is bad enough without a megapromoconcert, and we have fear of crowds and shin splints. So we decided to follow by twitter and see if we couldn’t get a flavor thus.

(All times approximate.)

3:00 — @ShadowBadtz: “Oh the chaos… NFL Kickoff Concert… Columbus Circle…. LOUD!!!!!”

4:15 — @obscurelyclear: “Natasha Bedingfield performing for the NY crowd, my first time listening to her music.”

4:20 — @thirtyseven: “I can see that NFL Usher concert from my office. Take that and rewind it back – Thirtyseven’s got the rhythm make ya booty go (clap) !”

(@FoxNews tweet takes us to their On The Scene blog, which reports “Singers USHER in Football Season!”)

4:50 — @PreZZure: “NB bodied her set…Next up: Keith Urban.”

5:00 — @GeminiGirlM, also working in the area, estimates the crowd at “30-60 thousand pple.”

5:10 — @NELLYWAITS: “4 Helicopters and Blimp hovering.”

5:15 — @slarkpope: “my office is in columbus circle. this day is hell in my face.”

5:25 — @PreZZure: “Keith Urban iZ Goin’ iN x My Kinda People.”

5:40 — @jeannepmeyer: “Keith Urban stopping traffic w/NFL kick-off concert at Columbus Circle (wouldda even if NYPD hadn’t blocked off entire west side)”

“Blocked off entire west side?” If the prospect of three MOR acts, none of whom sane New Yorkers care to see, mobbed by suburban daytrippers, teens, and tourists, hadn’t already put us off, the fact that the mobility of an entire neighborhood had to be sacrificed for it annoys us so much that we have revised our terms of avoidance, and are classing it a retroactive boycott.

(If you are upset that our appallingly lazy conceit has deprived you of any real hint of the megapromoconcert experience, you may obtain that first-hand by turning your iPod up to Pain, boarding a crowded subway car with broken air-conditioning, and stepping on your own feet.)


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