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Happy Friday: News You Can Lose


Mr. Met, the ball-headed mascot of our National League franchise, will warn kids about online predators during Saturday’s Internet Safety Day at Shea Stadium. The festivities will include an Internet Safety Quiz on the Jumbotron, and the distribution of 25,000 fake baseball cards carrying messages like “I pledge to not meet anyone that I first ‘met’ online,” reports the Daily News.

Want to intern for Gizmodo? The tech geek site wants a New Yorker who has “Basic experience with HTML, Flickr — the internets, essentially,” and will get up early and work very hard doing background for their dispatches, including “SWAT-team style” live reporting. “Pay is not amazing,” they add.

BreakingNewsNY tweet of the day: “*UNCONCIOUS SCHOOL AGENT*” at Grover Cleveland High School in Brooklyn. “UNKWN WHAT REASON.” Second place, from McGuinness Boulevard in Greenpoint: “PD HAVE A DOG RUNNING ON THE HIGHWAY.”

Governor Paterson really cares about your health, so among the 65 bills he signed this week were measures to allow pharmacists to administer flu and pneumonia shots, require some pools to keep a defibrillator handy, increase penalties for “the contamination of public water supplies,” require hotels to affirm that the “drinking glasses, silverware or flatware” they supply to rooms are sanitized, etc.

Rent closes this Sunday, so come on down to the Nederlander to either laugh at the emo drama queens or witness the end of an era, depending on your POV.

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