WWF First Money, Inc Match! vs Bossman & Virgil


Apropos of nothing, or apropos of Friday afternoon, or comedy, or because this stuff still really matters: Ladder Match, a wrestling blog. Take it away, NBS:

6. This match becomes increasingly more complicated when you factor in that one law enforcer, Big Boss Man, is pitted against another (i.e. I.R.S.). Somehow Big Boss Man is the face here–but 1992 was only a year away from 1991, the year American cops got dealt quite a blow in the form of the Rodney King beating. All of this is occurring to me just now. You have Big Boss Man wrestling alongside the only black wrestler in the WWF at the time, Virgil, who lest we forget was a former slave to Million Dollar Man–only recently had he wrestled for his freedom. Somehow Virgil is OK wrestling alongside a character who in the American popular mindset is at one of its most corrupt and racist peaks.

7. I’m in the writing room right now, 1992, trying to figure out what to do with the alliance between Big Boss Man and Virgil. Do I make Virgil a cop too? Do I feel bad when I give Boss Man the authority to wield his billy club, you know, considering?

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