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BQE Watch: 57 Accidents and Counting


In August of 2007,

Werner Cohn, aka BQE Watch, filed a FOIL request with Police Commissioner Ray Kelly concerning three Brooklyn locations, among them the BQE westbound on-ramp just north of Congress Street, which “is within view from my house, and is the focus for this FOIL request.” He wanted to know whether the NYPD was seeing what he was seeing: “It is a rare week that we do not witness an accident from our windows,” he told the Commissioner. “Will you take a personal interest?” Yesterday Cohn observed another accident — the latest in a series of 57 he has recorded since he filed his request. He says he still hasn’t heard back from anyone at the NYPD. “I phone them every so often,” Cohn writes, “and, in effect, I always get this answer: Do you think you’re the only one who wants attention from us?”

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