Is Banksy in New York? Or Is that a Copycat Banksy ‘Flower Thrower’ in Williamsburg?


Is Banksy in New York? Logistically, the timing would make sense: within the last few weeks, the uber-famous art-prankster has been on an Eastern US roadtrip, rendering looting soldiers in New Orleans and a lynched KKK figure on an abandoned gas station in Birmingham, Alabama. Plus, it’s pretty common for art folks to schedule trips that coincide with relevant shows—and Swoon’s gorgeously intricate “Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea” just floated into town last week.

And then there’s this: one of Banksy’s iconic flower throwers, first spotted yesterday early afternoon in Williamsburg, in a brick-walled spot that’d been blank on Saturday.

But what’s most interesting the bouquet bomber was left unfinished. Both the rebel’s pants and flowers are sketched, but not painted—same for his right hand. Not typical for Banksy’s stencil stylings—this is likely another Fakesy.

The sketched flowers

Seems like whoever was working on the piece had to ditch it early. Anyone by chance stumble upon an 800-pound gorilla painting on Grand early Sunday morning?

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