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Last-Minute Primary Bon Mots from Parker, Schnorrer | Village Voice

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Last-Minute Primary Bon Mots from Parker, Schnorrer


The primary’s tomorrow, so let’s go ahead and give Line of The Primary Campaign to State Senator Kevin Parker, who tells the New York Sun that his opponents, City Council Members Simcha Felder and Kendall Stewart, “represent ambition without accomplishment.” He also calls them “two guys who are about to lose their job,” as term limits, which Mayor Bloomberg is thinking of overturning, will almost certainly still be in effect when their terms expire this year. As you might expect, this is a contentious race, with Parker’s opponents charging that he has been too often absent for Senate votes, and punched a traffic cop who was writing him a ticket in 2005. Meanwhile Felder, who has been endorsed by Mayor Bloomberg, openly brags that as a Senator he’ll try to get as much government largesse for his constituents as possible and will be the “greatest schnorrer in my community,” which is the runner-up Line of the Primary Campaign.


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