Multiple Births Bring Joy, Cliches


Victor and Digna Carpio, originally from Ecuador, are having sextuplets. Coverage of such events hasn’t changed much since the last Queens couple, Beverly and Rocco Boniello, had six at once (“QUEENS MOM AND DAD LEARN SECRET OF SIX-CESS” — Daily News; “CITY’S BEHIND SEXTUPS — RUDY” — ibid). “Whoa, mama!” begins Juan Gonzalez at the News, and reports that the Carpio’s wish for a second child “is about to come true — over and over and over and over and over and over again.” 5-foot-tall Digna’s current son Jhancarlos shrieks, “Mami, that’s too many babies. They’ll destroy the house!”

The Carpios are cheerful and photogenic, but money will be tight: Victor, who had been a painter with the NYCHA, was transferred to maintenance in January and “his pay cut nearly in half.” We’ll see if Mayor Bloomberg can spare a quote, and maybe some petty cash, for the brood.


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