NYC RFD: Fashion Week, Mets & Yanks, Double Ds, and Zendorsements


Our relief that we did our Fashion Week time early and indie continues unabated. After the previously-reported “near riot,” we now hear from Time Out New York that on Sunday the Bryant Park air rang with PETA chants, and the runway ran with Donna Karan. “The clothes were what you would expect from DKNY,” says Rachel LeWinter, “wearable and marketable.” That sounds about as much fun as, say, a movie that is watchable and for which you could sell tickets.

Bad news, Mets: Reliever/savior Billy Wagner is out for the year with a torn elbow ligament, and New York‘s Chris Smith wonders if the oft-injured 37-year-old will ever pitch again. Bad news, Yankees: you have lost the childlike faith of A-Rod.

Heads up: tomorrow New York rolls out double-deckers buses — not for tourists, but for commuters on the M15 limited (First and Second Avenues), and the express libes BxM3 (Yonkers-midtown Manhattan), X17J (Staten Island-East 57th Street), and “possibly the M5 along Fifth Avenue,” reports the New York Times. It’s a 30-trial, and the city hopes it works, because the DDs cost less and carry more people than even the current accordion buses.

Tomorrow’s Primary Day. Runnin’ Scared doesn’t do endorsements — we do zendorsements. Like the guy near the end of a Fox report, we advise you to find the candidate whose goodness resonates best with you. If you find no resonant goodness, just vote for all the challengers — no reason why our permanent ruling class can’t at least sport some fresh faces once in a while.

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