The Gayest Show For Miles?


That’s what a publicist is calling Bedbugs!!!, which opens September 16 at the New York Musical Theatre Festival (at TBG Theatre, 312 W. 36 Street.)

According to the bugged-out flack, “I just got done speaking with the creative team and they assure me that it is the gayest show in the NYMF. (I know it sounds like an oxymoron.) Now, I told them that was a stretch, when you’ve also got a show starring Jim J. Bullock and another about toilet stalls. But they have assured me without a doubt that it is true, Bedbugs!!! is the gayest. I hope there isn’t some sort of gay duel.”

And she’d better hope a play called Crabs!!! doesn’t come along and rip their gay tiara off.

But wait, here’s more gay evidence from the publicity gnat: “Bedbugs!!! boasts an all-gay creative team, which includes Paul Leschen (keyboard player for the Scissor Sisters & Hedda Lettuce), half nude male dancing Bedbugs, and a Celine Dion drag queen. They have even scheduled their first performance to coincide with Celine Dion’s performance at Madison Square Garden. There’s another duel for you.”

OK, they win.

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