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The Gays Take Aim at Poison Palin


Official Army photo by Staff Sgt. Mac Metcalfe, Alaska Army National Guard

Over at the bitchy gay website, they can’t get enough of bashing Alaskan four-eyes Sarah Palin, who’s obviously scared them into loading up their mouths as a defense. There’s been a steady stream of anti-Palin threads on the site, all seemingly written by the same person (no doubt the webmaster), with headings that reek of gay dislike.

Among the threads:

“Sarah Palin did not write or contribute one word to that speech”

“Palin busted—Ebay plane story not true”

“Palin lied about special needs funding. She actually cut it by 62% in Alaska”

“Nicknames for Palin. I’ll start: Caribou Barbie”

“Can we now declare Sarah Palin ‘camp’?”

“Sarah Palin is a classic narcissist”

“Palin attended five colleges in six years to get her Bachelors in Communications.”

And, most memorably: “Is Sarah Palin Tracy Flick?”

The pitbull in lipstick’s response, if she were allowed to give interviews, would no doubt be something like: “I think gays should officially be taken off the endangered species list!”

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