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9/11 Museum, Memorial Plans Unveiled


Nearly seven years after the attacks, a new design for a 9/11 museum to appear at the World Trade Center site has been unveiled, reports the New York Times. Surviving pieces of the trident-shaped columns of the original buildings, which “familiar silhouettes” the Times says, “came to symbolize endurance in the face of catastrophe,” are incorporated into the design by architect Craig Dykers.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center will comprise three floors: The top for ventilation and equipment; the second for an auditorium, a private room for 9/11 relatives, and a snack bar; the bottom for entrance through “airport-style screening” to passages leading nearly 70 feet down to a damaged WTC fragment and a memorial plaza with waterfalls and pools.

The planners don’t know yet if the museum will be sufficiently funded to eschew an entrance fee. They expect to complete the memorial in 2011 and the museum in 2012, and to receive five million visitors a year.

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