Bunny Rabbit and Black Cracker Cook Up a Peace of Pizza at Glasslands


Krystna Printup on the far left, Black Cracker in the middle, Bunny Rabbit on the right.
all photos by Rebecca Smeyne

Last year, lady lyricist Bunny Rabbit and her beatboxing homegirlfriend Black Cracker took Salt N Pepa’s bitchslap rapping to nu-raving, “tiny fight song” levels with their sassy club-beef rally “Lucky Bunny Foot.” Now Bunny’s also copped a longer, less-poofy version of Pepa’s “Push It”-era hairstyle, all shaved sides and layered bleach jobs. Last Friday, she brought it along at Glasslands to rep some new tracks on MySpace. (Recommended streaming: “Hit Em Up” a poppin’ banger-lite that rhymes “Bible-bearing hypocrites” with “freedom’s tits.”) The lovely Rabbit-Cracker couple were in Williamsburg to helm Peace of Pizza, a recurring dance party that’s lately been thrown at Glasslands by Darryl Nau (the guy behind those Shit Hammered parties at Happy Ending Tuesdays) and blogging polka dot Krystna Printup. Rebecca Smeyne went, came back all hyped, and sent us some flicks.

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